Monday, November 17, 2008

Kiosk - Antidote to Overdesign

Kiosk happens to be my new favorite store. Gone are the days of Ben Franklin where you can buy a legal pad, some plastic flowers, a goldfish, and baby bibs. While Kiosk is not Ben is almost better because it offers an edited supply of everyday items that we all use and need. A "mom and pop" store with a focus on design and functionality. Items are curated and selected by the country in which they are used and produced. Every few months a new country is highlighted. Some of the past collections include items from Japan, Germany and Sweden. The online store offers personal histories about each of the items offered, which makes these humble objects even more enjoyable......Love, love, love.

Here are a few of the very beautiful objects that are available in their 'Ongoing' Collection:
go online to read the personal history of each item.

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