Monday, October 20, 2008

Domestic Wall Stickers

These vinyl wall stickers have been around for awhile. I'm not sure if I would ever use decals or if they are still "in", but they are still cute. From Domestic.

Louise Body Wallpaper

2 new wallpaper prints from Louise Body that can be used together or separately.

And here are 2 oldies, but are still my favorites.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Misewell...Midwest based furniture design by Vincent and Paul Georgeson. Seen at DWR/Milwaukee...Galery Night October 2008. Tried to find other images besides the promo cards I picked up at gallery night, but I wasn't able to find a lot of information on them. Misewell does have a website, but no product or contact information.

SIDE NOTE: DWR will be hosting an Art and Design Book Fair on Saturday Nov. 8 from 11am-6pm. Contributors include The Milwaukee Art Museum, Paper Boat Gallery and Harry Schwartz Bookshop.

Go Outside

Go's fall.
Photos my own from Blue Glacier Hills.

Office for Word and Image

Spent my Sunday morning looking through the hundreds of images over at OWI - Office for Word and Image. OWI reports on interior design and architecture. Showcasing private homes and public buildings that not only inspire, but also tell an interesting story. There are too many images for me to show, so the next 3 posts are just a sampler.

Manhattan Apartment. Photography by Verne.

HOME restaurant

HOME restaurant in Milan . opened March 2008.

Photos by Bamberghi Filippo via OWI.


Benjamin's home. Photos from Hendrikx Diane at OWI.

Bonjour Mon Coussin

New pillow covers from French label Bonjour Mon Coussin.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paul Cocksedge

I am always surprised and fascinated by Paul Cocksedge a UK lighting designer. It is interesting to see how his ideas are transferred and created into light. Here are a few of my favorites. His website is a must to check out and you can view these images in their creation.

'Private View' exhibit from Milan 2007. "Each wall of the space
appears black to the human eye yet allows infrared light to pass through it, using a mobile phone's camera visitors can discover the hidden objects. How do we know that what we see is all that exists? All living creatures can see light in a different way. The camera eye permits the visitor to see things the human eye cannot."

Temporary lighting installation at Wellcome Trust, a medical research center. Consists of 2 outstretched arms that temporarily disappear to reveal an illuminated view of the arm's veins and arteries.
Styrene pendant light by Paul Cocksedge. "Styrene was inspired by the concept of growth as a process. By applying heat to polystyrene, the form changes and with it the properties of the material. The result is organic and unique sculptural forms with much greater strength."

Zoe Murphy - Love what belongs to you

Zoe Murphy - bespoke printed fabric and furniture. Murphy transfers her prints onto recycled materials such as 20th century furniture, formica samples, and discarded silk.

Monday, October 6, 2008

NYPL Digital Library

New York Public Library: Digital Libray. I just stumbled across this site and could easily spend hours searching the thousands of images available for viewing. Prints, illustrations, and photographs cataloged from the arts, sciences, architecture and more. Plus almost all images from the gallery can be purchased. From $30-$125 unframed to $145-$375 framed. Here are a just a few........I think we are going to buy the squirrel and the sperm whale print!

Images from L'animal Dans la Decoration

Images from Alexander Anderson, America's first illustrator


Here are some more images from NYPL Digital Gallergy. This book: Textiles by E.A. Seguy.


Although you can't see much of this room, I like the simple Scandinavian design.
Also note the Goethe poem, which is perfect for today since I have been in the mood for rediscovering the classics. Sometimes you know your life is changing when instead of taking for granted what you know you go back to what originally inspired you when your eyes were fresh.....when you are 17 and the whole world is open....
.......................thank you Jenny

.......................image from Jasna's flickr set.