Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2009 Calendar

So, I already have my 2009 Typographic calendar from Pentagram. This is the same wall calendar I purchased last year. I have realized that all those cute screen-printed or letter pressed calendars (no matter how cute they are) serve no purpose for me. I need a working calendar with ample space so that I can actually write down our commitments on.....it is huge (33" x 23").
Pentagram Typographic calendar available through Ken Knight.

With that being said, If I didn't already have a calendar I would purchase the one below from Boxocam/Denmark. Camera Obscura: Barcelona 2009. Photos of the city using a camera obscura give this city a unique and mysterious glimpse. Unfortunately, through the Boxacam website you can't view the photos from the 2009 calendar, but you can view his other photos of Barcelona (see below). Based upon those, I am sure this is well worth the buy. Fantastic.

I can faintly recognize Placa Reial in the upper left hand corner. Placa Reial hosts a weekly coin flea market. We ended up going there (despite the uncool factor of looking at coins) and had a wonderful time. We even bought some Roman Coins!

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