Sunday, August 31, 2008


Racing pigeon necklaces by Chinnychinchin. .....although this is adorable, it definitely proves the point that packaging can help sell any item.

Ditte Isager

Love the colors in these photgraphs by Ditte Isager. Although this is a French home, it definitely has some Spanish elements popping through.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sofia Enbom

I love these curtain panels from Sofia Enbom. The way the light interacts with the fabric creates wonderful interior images.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Distance

Long Distance Relationship by Miss Paq . The heart can be a funny thing....longing and waiting and hoping.
Found via Flickr.

Disturb/Don't Disturb

Michael Lebowitz via Big Spaceship has a great collection of door hangers (inherited from his grandfather). The graphics on this are so simple and yet get the point across perfectly. I would use these in my house in a heartbeat.

Coffee and Motorcycles

Hmmm, coffee and motorcycles are a good combination. This seems like my kind of place. Thanks to The Selby for showcasing such interesting people.

Since I live in Milwaukee, this lifestyle seems way too familiar. Looks like Fuel Cafe and The Shop combined into heaven.


I can't get enough of Jean Prouve. This light has been on my wish list for way too long now. Designed in 1950, the Potence light was originally designed for the Tropique house. Since the light pivots, I think this type of fixture could work in so many different types of rooms. For me, I am thinking office or even dining room.
Potence is reissued and manufactured by Vitra. Image (and purchasing) found via Unica Home

The price tag is a little steep, so you may want to first start by buying Compact Design Portfolio: Jean Prouve. Detailing Jean Prouve's body of work from chairs to light fixtures. Makes a great gift. Only $12.95 at Unica Home.

Vintage Maps

Delighted to pick up these vintage maps. Since visiting Spain last September, the urge to keep traveling is strong. So, these maps will have to do for now.

Bonjour Mon Coussin

Pillow covers from Bonjour Mon Coussin located in France. Fantastic graphics. Not that I mind modern graphic textiles, but I am delighted to see new options. I ordered the top pillow cover and received it last week! So excited! It is easy to order from them and their website can be translated to English.