Sunday, December 7, 2008

Modern 50

Modern 50, out of Virginia, has expanded its collection from Mid Century Modern pieces to a collection that now includes industrial era wood and steel furniture to found design oddities. It's a welcome addition since the Industrial Revolution is one of my favorite periods in history.

Nicholas Hughes

Photographs by Nicholas Hughes. Haunting.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Loving Vitra's new ad campaign for the Eames aluminum chair.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Loretta Lux

Love the photography of Loretta Lux.
All photos Loretta Lux.


Today I learned what a UNIMOG is. Apparently it is an off-road, all-terrain vehicle made by Mercedes Benz. This couple purchased one and turned it into a mobile home. Whoa! They use the UNIMOG 6 months out of the year to travel through Europe. The rest of the year they live in a garage-turned-home and use the UNIMOG as their bathroom.

Found via OWI. Pictures by Vercruysse Frederik.

Barcelona Architecture

Here is Gaudi's first commission in Barcelona: Casa Vicens. A neo-moorish design built for Manuel Vicens, a wealthy tile and brick maker. I think the pictures say it best...........

Here is another Arab inspired home in Barcelona, but this one is much more traditional. Of course, I prefer Casa Vicens, but this is still well worth a look. I don't know who built this house, but it was built in Barcelona at the turn of the 19th century for an Arab prince and is now owned by a Swedish couple. I wonder if their furniture is swedish inspired and how it would look juxtaposed in this space? Regardless, the tile work and stained glass is simply amazing. Casa Arabia in Barcelona. Found via OWI. pictures by Verne.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheryl Dunn and Michael Karbelnikoff - Home

Glimpse of Cheryl Dunn and Michael Karbelnikoff's home in NY via the Selby. I am starting to think that Milwaukee needs their version of the Selby, highlighting artists and random weirdos' homes. Sounds like a project.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2009 Calendar

So, I already have my 2009 Typographic calendar from Pentagram. This is the same wall calendar I purchased last year. I have realized that all those cute screen-printed or letter pressed calendars (no matter how cute they are) serve no purpose for me. I need a working calendar with ample space so that I can actually write down our commitments is huge (33" x 23").
Pentagram Typographic calendar available through Ken Knight.

With that being said, If I didn't already have a calendar I would purchase the one below from Boxocam/Denmark. Camera Obscura: Barcelona 2009. Photos of the city using a camera obscura give this city a unique and mysterious glimpse. Unfortunately, through the Boxacam website you can't view the photos from the 2009 calendar, but you can view his other photos of Barcelona (see below). Based upon those, I am sure this is well worth the buy. Fantastic.

I can faintly recognize Placa Reial in the upper left hand corner. Placa Reial hosts a weekly coin flea market. We ended up going there (despite the uncool factor of looking at coins) and had a wonderful time. We even bought some Roman Coins!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kiosk - Antidote to Overdesign

Kiosk happens to be my new favorite store. Gone are the days of Ben Franklin where you can buy a legal pad, some plastic flowers, a goldfish, and baby bibs. While Kiosk is not Ben is almost better because it offers an edited supply of everyday items that we all use and need. A "mom and pop" store with a focus on design and functionality. Items are curated and selected by the country in which they are used and produced. Every few months a new country is highlighted. Some of the past collections include items from Japan, Germany and Sweden. The online store offers personal histories about each of the items offered, which makes these humble objects even more enjoyable......Love, love, love.

Here are a few of the very beautiful objects that are available in their 'Ongoing' Collection:
go online to read the personal history of each item.

Luis Porem

Trico chair by Barcelona designer Luis Porem. Simple stackable chairs made mostly out of wood with textile and metal detail. The colors are what elevates this chair into something I would want.

Found via sub-studio design blog.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Henrik Markhede

Prints by Henrik Markhede. Although this style is not new, somehow I really like these....capturing both my love and distaste for city life. Available at Andyland.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Front Design Group

My husband and I recently went to the art supply store on a whim a few weeks ago and picked up some get back to the basics.....and sadly, to try to remember how to draw. I've been finding myself doing little cross hatch drawings on my notepad at work.

Now today, I found these lovely pieces from Front design group in Sweden that used hand drawn sketches to produce as they say "materialized illustration". A little cross hatch and a little tromp l'oeil. Wonderful!

Rug, table, and dishes designed by Front.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The perfect petite retreat.

Chez Jean Oddes' secondary residence via Marie Claire Maison.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Marie-France De Crecy

Inspiration today comes from relooking at some old "favorites" in my bookmarks and I stumbled across Marie-France De Crecy, slylist and textile designer. Some wonderful stuff. Her website shows some of her projects including work for Lacroix and Delvaux.