Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where They Create - Book

Before things are styled for visual consumption, are the spaces in which ideas are created and turned into reality. These are the spaces that I like the most and the spaces that Paul Barbara photographs and then documents on Where They Create.

A few years ago, I found Where They Create and now after re-visiting his website, there are over 80 artists' spaces to peruse through and am excited to see that Where They Create is coming out in book this September - published by FRAME.
Very exciting!

You could spend hours looking through all of the spaces.....definitely no lack of inspiration. Decided to focus on Poland because you don't seem to hear about Poland so often. Last year, I was in Poland and visited both Warsaw and Wroclaw (plus a few others), so these pictures feel almost sentimental to me. Although I didn't stay at either of these spaces, the Warsaw space is almost a dead ringer for Pav's house.........Makes me miss Poland just a little........

Studios: Anka Mderzejewska - Wroclaw Poland and Little Studio - Warsaw Poland.

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