Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paul Cocksedge

I am always surprised and fascinated by Paul Cocksedge a UK lighting designer. It is interesting to see how his ideas are transferred and created into light. Here are a few of my favorites. His website is a must to check out and you can view these images in their creation.

'Private View' exhibit from Milan 2007. "Each wall of the space
appears black to the human eye yet allows infrared light to pass through it, using a mobile phone's camera visitors can discover the hidden objects. How do we know that what we see is all that exists? All living creatures can see light in a different way. The camera eye permits the visitor to see things the human eye cannot."

Temporary lighting installation at Wellcome Trust, a medical research center. Consists of 2 outstretched arms that temporarily disappear to reveal an illuminated view of the arm's veins and arteries.
Styrene pendant light by Paul Cocksedge. "Styrene was inspired by the concept of growth as a process. By applying heat to polystyrene, the form changes and with it the properties of the material. The result is organic and unique sculptural forms with much greater strength."

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